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Jeremy Corbyn’s Plea for Dr. Gubad Ibadoglu: A Reminder of the Importance of Protecting Academic Freedom


On Tuesday 12 September 2023, Jeremy Corben, the well-known British politician and human rights activist, has recently spoken at Westminster Hall, the United Kingdom Parliament, about the urgent need to protect academic freedom and human rights. He specifically focused on the plight of Dr Gubad Ibadoglu, a distinguished academic from Azerbaijan, who is currently facing a difficult situation due to his unwavering commitment to academic independence and objectivity.

Dr Gubad Ibadoglu is a respected economist and social scientist who has dedicated his life to promoting academic freedom and serving his community. However, his principled stance has come at a significant cost. He currently faces persecution and imprisonment by the Azerbaijan government due to his critical views on the country’s economic policies and human rights record. Dr Ibadoglu’s story is unfortunately not unique in the global academic community, with many academics facing similar challenges in their respective countries.

Jeremy Corben’s speech is a clarion call for action to protect scholars like Dr Ibadoglu and to promote academic freedom worldwide. Corben rightly points out that academic freedom is a fundamental right that underpins democracy and free thought. Governments that curtail academic freedom or persecute scholars who hold differing views are undermining the core foundations of democracy and human rights. The UK government and other democratic countries must take a firm stand against such actions and support scholars who are being persecuted.

Corben’s speech is not just about protecting a single academic or scholar. It is about safeguarding the broader principles of democracy, free thought, and human rights that underpin the academic community. The academic community plays a fundamental role in shaping public discourse on a range of issues, including public policy, social justice, and scientific inquiry. Academic freedom is necessary for this discourse to occur freely and without censorship or persecution.

In the context of global human rights, Jeremy Corben’s speech is a timely reminder of the need for constant vigilance and action. Human rights are not static concepts that exist in isolation from one another. They are interconnected and interdependent, and any violations of one right ultimately undermines the entire system of human rights. The persecution of scholars like Dr Ibadoglu is a clear violation of human rights, and the international community must act to protect these rights.

Jeremy Corben’s speech at Westminster Hall raises significant questions about academic freedom, human rights, and democracy. It is a call for action not just for politicians, public figures, and journalists but for all of us who believe in the importance of academic freedom and human rights. It is essential that we stand up against any attempts to curtail academic freedom or to persecute scholars who hold different views. Democracy and human rights demand no less.


Free Gubad Ibadoglu

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