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Response to the Arrest of Dr. Gubad Ibadoghlu in Azerbaijan – CSEEES


Weing news today about the renowned Azerbaijani economist, Gubad Ibadoghlu, who was unjustly detained during a brief visit to Baku to take care of his ailing mother. Dr. Ibadoghlu, a prominent opposition politician, esteemed economist, and chair of the Azerbaijan Democracy and Prosperity Movement, was sadly arrested on false charges.

Currently, Dr. Ibadoghlu is a distinguished visiting scholar at the London School of Economics, Center for European Studies. It is with great fondness that we remember his past contributions as a visiting scholar at CSEEES and Duke. Regrettably, at the time of his arrest, both Dr. Ibadoghlu and his wife were subjected to severe beatings. Dr. Ibadoghlu continues to be held in detention, without access to necessary medical treatment, resulting in a noticeable decline in his well-being.

As an institution committed to the promotion of human rights, we urge the Azerbaijani authorities to release Dr. Ibadoghlu immediately, enabling him to receive the required medical attention. We kindly request your support in reaching out to your respective Congressional representatives and others who may possess the influence to assist Dr. Ibadoghlu and his family during this challenging time.

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Free Gubad Ibadoglu

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