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London School of Economics Advocates for Dr. Gubad Ibadoglu’s Release


The London School of Economics, one of the top universities in the UK, has been advocating for the release of Dr. Gubad Ibadoglu, a research fellow at the institution who was illegally detained in Azerbaijan. This highly respected scholar, human rights defender, and political activist was arrested without any valid reasons on 23rd July 2023. Despite international condemnation and the implementation of interim measures by the European Court of Human Rights, Dr. Ibadoglu remains in custody. In this post, we will highlight Dr. Ibadoglu’s contributions and the efforts of the London School of Economics to secure his release.

Dr. Gubad Ibadoglu is a highly respected scholar who has made significant contributions to the field of economics. He is widely recognized for his research on the socio-economic development of Azerbaijan and the broader Caspian region. He has also been actively involved in promoting human rights and democracy in Azerbaijan, which has put him at odds with the authoritarian regime of President Ilham Aliyev. Despite the persecution he has faced, Dr. Ibadoglu has remained committed to his work and has continued to be a prominent voice for progressive change in Azerbaijan.

The London School of Economics has been at the forefront of efforts to secure Dr. Ibadoglu’s release. The institution has issued several public statements condemning his arrest and calling for his immediate release. The LSE has also been working closely with international organizations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch to raise awareness about Dr. Ibadoglu’s case and to pressure the Azerbaijani government to release him. The LSE community has also come together to show its support for Dr. Ibadoglu, organizing rallies and petitions to raise awareness about his situation.

The international community has also been rallying around Dr. Ibadoglu’s case. The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that his detention is arbitrary and politically motivated, and has implemented interim measures to provide him with the urgent medical care he needs. The court has also given his cases priority under Article 41, which ensures that he is not subjected to torture or inhumane treatment while in custody. The United Nations, the European Union, and several other countries have also condemned his arrest and called for his immediate release.

Despite these efforts, Dr. Ibadoglu remains in custody, and his health condition continues to deteriorate. The Azerbaijani government has ignored international calls for his release and has refused to provide any valid reasons for his detention. This situation highlights the urgent need for greater international pressure on the Azerbaijani regime to respect human rights and democracy.

Consequently, the LSE’s support for Dr. Ibadoglu’s release is in line with its core values and mission, as well as its academic and public engagement. Dr. Ibadoglu’s arrest is not only a violation of his rights but also a threat to academic freedom, freedom of expression, and independent civil society. By standing with Dr. Ibadoglu and others like him, LSE demonstrates its commitment to promoting critical thinking, evidence-based research, and democracy worldwide.

The London School of Economics has been at the forefront of efforts to secure Dr. Ibadoglu’s release, highlighting his contributions as a respected scholar and human rights defender. The international community has also rallied around his case, condemning his detention as arbitrary and politically motivated. However, despite these efforts, Dr. Ibadoglu remains in custody, and his health condition is critical. It is incumbent upon the international community to intensify its efforts to secure his release and to demand that the Azerbaijani government respect human rights and democracy. Together, we can make a difference and ensure that scholars like Dr. Ibadoglu are allowed to pursue their work without fear of persecution.


Free Gubad Ibadoglu

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