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Freedom Call for Dr. Gubad’s Birthday Campaign: 52 Cities, 52 Protests!
Support for Dr. Gubad Ibadoghlu in Timor-Leste


The human rights situation in Azerbaijan has been bleak for quite some time. The government has been cracking down on political dissenters, journalists have been jailed, and freedoms of speech and assembly have been severely curtailed. One of the most high-profile cases that has come out of Azerbaijan in recent years is that of Dr. Gubad Ibadoglu, a prominent economist and opposition leader, who has been unjustly imprisoned. Now, Gubad Ibadoglu’s daughter Azerbaijani activist Zhala Bayramova, along with supporters from over a dozen countries, is calling for a campaign to protest Dr. Gubad’s detention. The campaign involves 52 cities, 52 protests, and a message that will be heard loud and clear: #FreeGubad.

Dr. Gubad Ibadoglu is a well-respected economist who has published numerous studies and articles on economic policy. He has also been an outspoken critic of the Azerbaijani government’s handling of the economy, and has worked tirelessly to promote transparency and accountability in the country’s economic policies. He was arrested on trumped-up charges of embezzlement, and has been held in prison ever since. His colleagues and supporters believe that his detention is politically motivated, and that he is being punished for his criticism of the ruling regime.

Amnesty International in Hungary!

Zhala Bayramova, herself a human rights activist who has been persecuted by the Azerbaijani government for her activism, has been leading the campaign to raise awareness about Dr. Gubad’s case. The idea behind the campaign is simple: on Dr. Gubad’s birthday, September 12th, people around the world will stage protests in 52 cities, to draw attention to his plight. The message will be simple but powerful: we stand with Gubad, and we demand his release.

The campaign has already gained significant traction, with supporters from over a dozen countries pledging to hold events on Septempber12th. These include Germany, Belgium, France, Turkey, Poland, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden, and many more. Activists are using social media to promote the campaign, sharing information about events and urging people to get involved. The goal is to create a groundswell of support that will force the Azerbaijani government to take notice.

There are many ways that people can get involved in the campaign. They can organize their own events in their local communities, or they can attend events that have already been planned. They can share information about the campaign on social media, or they can make donations to organizations that are working to support Dr. Gubad and other political prisoners in Azerbaijan. Whatever action they choose to take, the key is to raise awareness and to send a message to the Azerbaijani government that the world is watching.

The campaign to free Dr. Gubad Ibadoglu is an important one, and it deserves the attention and support of people around the world. By standing up for human rights and democratic values, we send a message to repressive regimes everywhere that their actions will not go unnoticed or unchallenged. It’s time for the Azerbaijani government to free Dr. Gubad and to respect the rights of all its citizens. Let’s make sure that our voices are heard, and that the message of #FreeGubad is heard loud and clear in every corner of the globe.


Free Gubad Ibadoglu

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