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European Parliament to Discuss the Case of Gubad Ibadoglu


The human rights situation in Azerbaijan has been of international concern for some time now, with reports of journalists, human rights defenders, and opposition politicians being persecuted for exercising their basic human rights. Among those individuals is Gubad Ibadoglu, an economic expert who has been critical of the government and its economic policies. Ibadoglu was arrested in July on charges of counterfeiting money, and later, he was accused of distributing religious extremist materials. His case has now reached the European Parliament, where it will be discussed at an urgent debate on human rights. In this article, we will delve deeper into the case of Gubad Ibadoglu and what this debate means for those fighting for human rights in Azerbaijan.

Gubad Ibadoglu is a prominent economist and opposition politician who has been advocating for democracy and human rights in Azerbaijan for years. On July 24th, he was arrested and charged with counterfeiting money, which he denies. He has been in pretrial detention ever since, and on August 25th, he was charged with distributing religious extremist materials, which he also denies.

The European Parliament will hold an urgent debate on human rights on September 13th, and Gubad Ibadoglu’s case has been included in the agenda. The debate will be an opportunity for Members of Parliament to express their opinions on the case and ask questions to one of the European Commissioners about the measures being taken to ensure the rights of the politician.

Emin Huseynov, the director of the Institute for Freedom and Security of Reporters, will be present at the discussions and has stated that the debate may end with the adoption of a resolution on the Ibadoglu case if the document receives a majority of votes. The resolution will presumably call for Ibadoglu’s release and put forward recommendations to the European Commission to conduct an active dialogue with Baku and stop the criminal prosecution of the politician and scientist.

The case of Gubad Ibadoglu has attracted international attention and condemnation from many human rights organizations and officials worldwide. Azerbaijan’s liberal opposition party, Musavat, has been vocal in its support for Ibadoglu, and in August, it filed a petition with the European Parliament calling for his immediate release.

It is expected that during the discussion, Members of the European Parliament will strongly condemn the government of Azerbaijan’s continued crackdown on human rights defenders, independent journalists, and opposition politicians. Azerbaijan is a signatory to international human rights agreements, and its authorities are obligated to ensure that the fundamental rights of citizens are respected and protected.

The urgent debate on human rights at the European Parliament on September 13th will be an opportunity for lawmakers to take a stand on the case of Gubad Ibadoglu and the human rights situation in Azerbaijan. Ibadoglu has been in pretrial detention for several months now and has been denied access to proper legal representation. While the discussions may not result in an immediate resolution on the case, they will undoubtedly bring much-needed attention to the dire situation of human rights in Azerbaijan. It is time for Azerbaijan to uphold its international obligations by ensuring that human rights defenders, journalists, and opposition politicians are not persecuted for exercising their fundamental rights.


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