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Zhala Bayramova’s Fight for Her Father’s Freedom


In the world of politics, standing up for the truth and justice can be daunting, especially in countries where power is concentrated in the hands of a few. But there are those who defy the odds and fight relentlessly for what is right. One such person is Zhala Bayramova who has been campaigning for the release of her father, Gubad Ibadoglu, ever since he was unjustly arrested on fabricated charges. Her efforts have not only brought much-needed attention to his plight but also highlighted the ongoing struggle for democracy and political rights in Azerbaijan.

Zhala Bayramova’s father, Gubad Ibadoglu, is a prominent economist in Azerbaijan. He is falsely accused of embezzlement and put in pre-trial detention. The charges against him were fabricated, and he was subjected to ill-treatment while in custody. The Azerbaijani authorities have disregarded international human rights standards and blatantly violated Ibadoglu’s rights. Zhala Bayramova has taken up the fight to free her father and is sharing her story to raise awareness of the political repression in Azerbaijan.

Bayramova is an active member of the political opposition in Azerbaijan and has been involved in political activities since a young age, much like her father. In 2020, she was attacked while being an election observer. Despite this setback, Bayramova continues to fight for democracy and human rights in Azerbaijan. She has become an inspiration for people across the country and the world who believe in the power of peaceful protest and activism.

Bayramova’s activism has not gone unnoticed. Her efforts have been recognized by international human rights organizations such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. They have called for her father’s immediate release and for the Azerbaijani authorities to respect their international obligations.

Bayramova has been using social media to share her father’s story and draw attention to the human rights violations in Azerbaijan. She regularly posts updates and videos on her Twitter and Instagram accounts to raise awareness of the situation. Through her efforts, she has gained a significant following and has become a prominent voice for the fight for justice for her father and other victims of political repression.

Zhala Bayramova’s fight for her father’s freedom is a testament to her courage, perseverance, and dedication to the cause of democracy and human rights. Her story is an inspiration to many who face similar challenges across the world. We must continue to support her and other activists to ensure that the Azerbaijani authorities respect the rule of law and adhere to international human rights standards. Together, we can make a difference and fight for a world where human rights are upheld, and political repression is a thing of the past.

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