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240 Organizations Worldwide Express Concern Over Unjust Arrest of Dr. Gubad Ibadoghlu

In an era defined by a collective struggle for transparency, accountability, and the defense of human rights, the story of Dr. Gubad Ibadoghlu stands as a sobering reminder of the cost of advocacy. Dr. Ibadoghlu, a steadfast anti-corruption expert, and a beacon for human rights in Azerbaijan, has been subjected to undue imprisonment under conditions […]

We Cannot Let Azerbaijan Silence Dissent: Freedom House

We cannot let governments use their criminal justice system to silence dissenting voices. This is especially true when it comes to Azerbaijan, where the regime of President Ilham Aliyev continues to repress political opposition and human rights activists. One example of this is the case of Dr. Gubad Ibadoglu, a prominent opposition leader who has […]

Freedom Call for Dr. Gubad’s Birthday Campaign: 52 Cities, 52 Protests!

Support for Dr. Gubad Ibadoghlu in Timor-Leste

The human rights situation in Azerbaijan has been bleak for quite some time. The government has been cracking down on political dissenters, journalists have been jailed, and freedoms of speech and assembly have been severely curtailed. One of the most high-profile cases that has come out of Azerbaijan in recent years is that of Dr. […]

Prominent Economist Arrested: Urgent Call for Release

Renowned economist Professor Gubad Ibadoghlu, an advocate for democracy and accountability, was brutally assaulted and unjustly detained on July 23, 2023. These trumped-up charges and the Azerbaijani government’s actions are a grave violation of human rights. The international community must take swift and decisive action to hold Azerbaijan accountable for this egregious injustice. During their […]

Free Gubad Ibadoglu

Stay updated on the ongoing case status.